Case Study: Forbes Center (Sept 2014)

Case Study
Community Name: Forbes Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare
Patient’s Age: 75
Discharged To:Home
Length of Stay: 2 Months
Reason for Stay: Skilled Nursing
How did this patient hear about Forbes Center?
From Daughter who is an ICU Nurse at a local hospital

Details of Experience:
Patient rehabilitation process began actually six months ago when patient came into Forbes for skilled nursing and therapeutic therapy for general dehabilitation at the end of March in 2014. Her stay would not be long as she was transferred to a local hospital due to a new diagnosis of volvulis(strangled gut), which required surgery, along with a peg tube and trach/vent being put in. She spent the next 35 days hospitalized, recovering slowly and in a more weakened state. She left one hospital to move on to another for additional care. In June, she suffered another set back and needed to have a pacemaker evaluation. The Doctors decided she was in need of an implant and so she continued her stay at the hospital following surgery to recover. In July, she was stable enough to return to Forbes Rehabilitation and Healthcare. When she returned to Forbes her prognosis was poor. Not only was she a trach/vent patient, she had surgery wounds along with a bedsore on her backside coccyx from the hospital. She required a feeding tube for daily nutrition, was unable to speak, and was in an overall state of depression. Our wonderful respiratory team took over and began the weaning process from the ventilator and then the trach. The team worked tirelessly and with great care along with the nursing team Our multi interdisciplinary team, PT, OT, and Speech Therapy began rehabilitation.
Physical and Occupational therapy worked in tandem in rebuilding the patients upper and lower body muscles so she could regain strength. Speech Therapy worked with the patient on swallowing exercises and speech so that her trach tube could eventually be capped. Speech therapy continued until finally the patient was able to speak and move to a regular diet with supplemental tube feedings only.
Throughout the entire process, her husband encouraged and supported the work and care that helped make his wife stronger. Her husband, along with the team at Forbes, participated passionately in her daily rehabilitation, resulting in a positive outcome.
The patient has overcome many obstacles, and her own self determination to get better, has been an integral part in her recovery. Due to the commitment of our team and our rehabilitation efforts, the patient was able to return to her home and continue with out-patient therapy, with a solid foundation to build upon.