“Since joining the Select Therapy team one year ago, it’s been exciting to see all of the changes going on inside our building. The Rehab gym is beautiful and our residents are enjoying the new space that they have to complete all of their Rehab needs. Being able to help them with their goals is why I come to work every day”
-T. Briggs, PTA

“ My health is good here and the food is good too!”
– D. Heyes

A friend of a resident who has since passed stopped by to thank our staff: “I came by to say thank for all that you have done for her; I want you to know that she really appreciated it and I do too.”

“I say that working closely with our residents, staff, and visitors here at Forbes center is extremely satisfying. When I get home at the end of the day and reflect on how many people I have helped or made smile, it truly makes my day and warms my heart.”
-S. Parker, Front desk

“The staff here as tremendously helped me, they get me up, and they care for me. I love the staff here.”
-S. Cockely

“The Activities Department here at Forbes Rehab is the very best part of my stay!”
-B. West

“The therapy here has helped me a lot, it has given me the boost to help myself more”
-M. Henry

“Your staff here has helped her (my daughter) allot and she’s moving around, she’s eating well, you’re dietary people here are great! I’ve never see her eat as much as she did here in a long time.”
-Mother of S. Petro

“The staff here is amazing! They are so nice and they really give it their best, they all go above and beyond. My favorite part of Forbes is that I can go to Mass on Thursdays and Worship Services on Sundays.”
– L. Langus

“I enjoy seeing our residents and getting to take them on trips”.
– T.Jones (Transportation)

“When I first came to Forbes I couldn’t walk. Now look at me five days later, I can walk!”
– S. Szymanski

“I would say a great part of Forbes would be that I can go to Mass on Thursdays and Worship Service on Sundays.” – L. Langas

“My daughter was able to move her arm already, this is amazing!”
– Mother of Resident

“She is very good! Whatever I ask for she helps me you!”
–M. Henry (Speaking about Social Worker)

“The staff here is so accommodating and wonderful, they really try and help me out.”
–S. Lippman

“I like working in the maintenance department because it allows me to interact with all the residents and help make their stay as comfortable as possible.”
-A. Turner

“I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be a part of the Forbes team. It has been my pleasure working here at the front desk for over a year now. I look forward to rising within our company as a long term team member.”
– S. Parker

“The food here is really delicious!”
– D. Parron