Our Approach

Anticipating Your Needs and Exceeding all of Your Expectations

Located in the original Pittsburgh Hospital building, Forbes Center is a vibrant presence in a neighborhood experiencing a renaissance of its own.

In the process of undergoing renovations, we have upgraded our standards of care, and implemented specialty clinical programs that best meet the needs of the newly discharged subacute patient. Forbes is home to an outstanding Subacute Rehabilitation Program, a stellar Respiratory/Ventilator unit, and a Cardiopulmonary Safety program. We take pride in our track record of positive clinical outcomes and a low rate of rehospitalization.

We aim to provide a total, immersive rehabilitation experience that renews and reinvigorates the body and soul. Those we care for enjoy high caliber, proactive care and an array of customized services and comfort-enhancing amenities in an upbeat, optimistic setting.

Our Rehabilitation programs significantly enrich the health and well-being of our patients by delivering exceptional care. With progressive rehabilitation delivered daily by our expert rehabilitation professionals, every individual sees demonstrable results in a quick time-frame. Family members are always included in the process, and can monitor the progress of their loved ones in real-time.

We know you just want to get back out there. Our personalized approach and comprehensive treatments will ensure that you’re back on your own two feet as swiftly as possible.